Friday, July 1, 2011

Only all of me.

I am small.

I am lean.

I am fragile.

I am full.

Full of oil, each drop reserved for something special.

Each drop saved, used sparingly.

But for my Maker?

I offer only all of me.

I was made to pour myself out before You. every. last. drop.


Who can say they have lost when they've been wholly spent on Jesus?

I let my bottle go.

Smashed, it has splintered now.

Into thousands of fragments, bitter and sharp.

Unable to be used again, I have solidified my purpose.

My purpose is to bring You praise.

My bottle was crafted for such a mean.

To be broken, to be empty, to be lowly before You.

From fallen to sacred, I move forward in this heavy chorus.

May it be a fragrant offering.

For I come offering only all of me.


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