Sunday, July 31, 2011

{Don't you just want to kiss him??}

There are four of them.

The inner chambers.

Beating, hopefully.

In rhythm, ideally.

First the lub, wait for it, the dub comes swiftly behind.

I am reminded that it beats without my command.

I am reminded that this bedraggled life depends on it.

And then my soul takes me there.

What if my pursuit was always spent on moving Your heart?

Knocking now, I want to enter.

I want to know Your heart.

I want to know Your ways.

I want to know Your person

and the fullness of Your grace.

I am sure that You will open.

Confidence comes with my covering; fresh with the blood of Jesus.

I stand now, for a while, knocking.

Urgency comes upon me, I am banging.

I am desperate for You.

Desperate to be hidden in Your heart.

Would You envelope me?

Hide me in Your heart O God, for it is what I was fashioned for.

You say that You made me in Your image

A large piece of You, fashioned into the smallness of me

And I wonder why I cannot find my belongingness here?

I smile from the soul, knowing that You knocked first.

It takes courage to put Yourself out there.

But I am thankful that You do not build walls around Your heart.

Surely I have opened the door and have eagerly let you in.

Can it be my turn now?

I want more.

More courage to walk the path that You have set before me.

More vision for Your purposes.

More presence, a holy communion.

Really, I just want to beat for You.

May my life be a rhythmic cadence, pounding, always knocking to go deeper.


{Clouds crowning the parent's place. Smiling and thinking that He is trampling our town. The clouds really are the dust of His feet.}

{Brother love took me on a date to meet some cute little burros}

{My roomie and I cooking dinner for a girls night! Living in Tempe has been so fun -- more to come on that later}

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