Sunday, July 10, 2011



I recognize that this number has little significance outside of its context.

It could be the amount due for my first month's rent in Tempe.

The decibel I hit when I discovered a roof rat in the pantry (house sitting).

The number of minutes I have until I start my first day of orientation at St Joe's (tomorrow).


The number of miles I drove last week.

Ding, ding!

With the knowledge that my car, per the instruction book that came with it, can go approximately 307 miles before running out of gas and stranding you by the side of the road on a hot summer day -- the number 305.8 suddenly becomes significant.

My gas tank was empty pulling into the station yesterday morning.


On my way to Phoenix this morning, I smiled at this thought:

What if God has a store house full of His Spirit for me? His portion, His favor, His intimacy, His revelation, His signs, His suffering, His death, and certainly His new life... all waiting for me.

What if it is in a cup and He is just calling me to come and taste?

What if Jesus is all that it takes to drink deeply?

What if I made it my daily pursuit to strive after all that He has in store for me?

What if I didn't relent until that store, that portion, that cup was empty?


It is what Jesus was for humankind, for me.

It is what I want to be for my Saviour.

It is what I want His cup for my life to be by the time I see His face.

I want all that He has for me.

Every. last. drop.


Pictures to come from the past week! I left my camera cable behind in Queen Creek -- oops!

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