Thursday, July 14, 2011

Out of a rock.


Longing for His people, holy, unstained.

A chosen people set aside, set apart, marked.

Marked with a pillar of cloud by day and with fire by night.

They knew of His provision.

Surely one of His works would constitute eternal praise?

One sign, one wonder, one covenant?

But we read and we recall.

Tales of grumbling, of fear, of dissatisfaction.


Always wanting more, wanting greater, wanting sexy.

A land with milk and honey.

No more of this wilderness.

This desert.

This dry place.

What if we are led to the dry place to accept provision?

One man's pursuit of the holy One, on behalf of his marked people.

One man's faith and partial obedience produced water.

Living streams, vast as a river, to bubble up out of a rock.

Could I be that one?

Could I be different and follow with full obedience?

Could I seek the tears of Your soul that have been stored up for your people here, and in the horn of Africa?

Could I ask that you release them, let them flow down your divine cheeks and pour out upon this dry land, weary souls?

Could I be the one to get on my face before You?

Before You because of Jesus.

Could I seek your forgiveness for the wrongs of these people, my people?

For all that we have done against you, for every un-shed tear You have stored up on our behalf because of grief, could I ask for a release?

Your chosen ones are dry. Spirits brittle. Hope becoming an illusion, to some, a mirage.

Could this be the hottest that they know, the driest their souls will be?

If this unforgiving land should take their bodies, hollow bones swallowed up by shallow graves, could their souls be with You?


Eternity with the living water.

On the sea of glass, on their faces, now full stomachs, could they be before You?

Entering into the chorus of praise to the One who is worthy.


Your holy provision came out of a rock.

This day, I ask, may came from your tears?

Let them roll. Like thunder down Your cheeks, would your storehouse of tears be emptied here; for we need You.


Ref: Numbers 20: 2-13

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