Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let's be real.

(G, whom I love and am lucky enough to share life with)

Two months ago a group of people prayed over my life.

During our time of prayer, the theme of Ruth was spoken over my life.

Ruth received much favor from God during the time of the Barley Harvest -- through the generosity of Boaz.

The Barley Harvest began in the 2nd week of April and is ending today? Tomorrow? I don't really remember.

In these past 6-8 weeks, it is true that I have been walking in undeniable favor from God.

Literally, when I think of it, I am blown away. I have had many Holy Ghost moments, times of unnatural favor, deep connections with Him and His people, and fortunate circumstances.

When I think of God, I think of full hands. Hands that offer my life abundance. Good things.

While this season is coming to an end, I have found myself thinking about the next step.

Full hands are great. Full hands make it easy to be thankful, easy to trust. Full hands make it simple to believe that God's heart towards me is good.

But let's be real.

Full hands aren't forever.

Believing in Jesus, following Him, doesn't mean that you'll live in daily harvest. No. I say not. Jesus didn't promise favor and fortune and full hands for those who choose to follow Him.

He actually said that for those who are serious about this faith thing, others would hate us because of Him. He said that if we were truly following Him, our lives will lead us too to the cross. To imminent death and the end of ourselves.

As this season in my life is coming to a close, I find myself whispering the truth to my soul: even when His hands are empty towards me, His heart has not changed. His heart is still good.

Yes, this season of favor has been nice, but it is not forever.

What do you desire? Do you want a good life in this life? A life that is striving to collect goods, pursue comfort, and fixate on the temporal?

You need Jesus.

Allow me to bring you to Him?

The purpose of this life is to give it up for the eternal one. The signs and wonders and miracles of this life are just that.... SIGNS. They aren't the end, they are meant to point our soul to something more, someone more.

My prayer for your life, for mine, is that we may follow Him not for what He does for us, but for who He is.


(Been here far too much in the past week... yay studying for boards! $1.50 for green tea AND unlimited refills. I think yes! Just one more week of this and I will really be done)

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