Monday, January 24, 2011

Breakfast for dinner.

I'm sitting here sideways, in our large, overstuffed red chair, supposedly studying. Got to love unproductive reading. I had black coffee and Cheerios for dinner and am now ready for bed. Only, not really... I still have, eh 74 pages left to read.

This semester has been fun. Technically, this has only been my 5th day of school, 2nd day of class, but it has been so good. I think that this semester will be my favorite. I am enjoying our Critical Care class and the challenges that accompany it. I love the people that I sit with, the friends that I've made. Some are close enough to call family.

I have learned to navigate the public transportation offered in my fine City, and have enjoyed the company that that entails.

I spend too much time talking, and not enough time listening. I spend too much time being busy, and not enough time being still. I spend too much time being consumed with myself, my thoughts, my future, and not enough time being consumed with the Lord.

my King,
Would you come and consume my life again? May I decrease, and may You increase? Would Your life live me? May I spend my whole day, days, surrendered to You and may You fill me. May my life be vibrant again, full of Your colors. May you always be the King of my heart, the Lord of my life, the God of my people.

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