Saturday, January 15, 2011

This is it.

The end before the beginning. This is the final paragraph, in the closing chapter. Of what? My childhood I suppose. Typing that sounds silly, but with each day of my last semester, and my impending adulthood, fast approaching; my heart beats faster, stronger, harder than the day before.

This is it. Years of equipping, training, stretching and growing. Like a race horse in the chute, I feel as if the race, the real race, is about to begin. With the fear of failure and disappointment, the whispers of the enemy himself, nipping at my heels, I am propelled forward.

Onward, upward, somewhere. The course has yet to be laid out before me, but regardless of where the path takes me, I need not be afraid. I say that, rather than "I am not afraid" because the latter statement may not always be true in my life, but the first proclamation will not relent.

The Lord is my stronghold.

It's all about Jesus.

My joy in life is to embody this truth; know it, feel it, experience it, allow it to wash over me and thus change. I have many thoughts, and even more unknowns; but of this I am sure: I do not intend to boast in my independence, my strength; to take credit for standing -- for surely a quake would elicit my fall.

My desire is to lean so strongly on the Lord, that I am brought to a point of complete dependence on Him.


This word amuses me. It is a trait that I have spent the better portion of my life avoiding (imagine that); yet I am beginning to recognize that it is the very thing I need the most. To be brought low; to be weak. Yes, even vulnerable.

With the final scene in this story of my life in full production, may it be said of me that the Lord took center stage. And, may I find, forevermore, joy in playing a background role.

Photo update from the past 2 (ish) weeks!

Dress shopping with the lovely Ellie.

Padres and I after landing in New Mexico to visit the hospitable Hromas fam.

Green Chile Stew.

Acoma Pueblo.

Breakfast buddies :)

Lexi! Trip to CA for the New Year.

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