Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This much I know:

I am a perpetual dreamer.

Both in the sleeping world, and awake reality.

For every hour I am awake, I could likely provide you with a new dream that I have managed to conjure up.

I love clouds.

If there was ever one innate thing that I could be -- other than a human -- it would be a cloud.

In the Old Testament, it says that the clouds are the dust of His feet. I love that. When I see large, rolling, clouds over my city, I like to think that God is treading over my town; His presence feels near.

In the New Testament, it says that Jesus, the only Son of the LORD God, will be returning by way of a cloud.

You see, clouds are merely an accent in the big picture, but they serve a great purpose and have hefty connotations.

Yes, surely I would be a cloud.

Back to dreaming...

My dreams are like clouds.

Some days they are boisterous; larger than life. They make their presence known and they are grand.

Other days, my dreams are scant; underwhelming.

Regardless of the day that you happen to catch me on, this much remains the same:

I am confident in my belongingness.
I am the Lord's.
In Him I have found security and wholeness, through the blood and atonement of Jesus Christ -- who died so that we might live.

My heart is for the hurting, the broken, the lonely; for the lives that are in painful ruins. The underserved, the poor, the hopeless, the outcast.

Armed with care, compassion and a love that is not my own -- if it were mine, surely it would run out (and quick); when the love in my heart is from the Lord, it is vast and does not run dry within me.

I wish to be used.

To bring solace to the hurting,
hope to those who are deficient of it,
bread of life to the beggar soul,
company for the isolate,
and light to those who are struggling with darkness in their mind and in the hidden corners of their hear.

May You use me. I am here and I consider myself at Your disposal. Would You manifest dreams in my heart that will take root and bear much fruit for You? May I never forget the love that You offer, and may it abound on my tongue forevermore.
Continue to bring me to a place of adoration,

P.S. Today is a day that will go down in the history books... I removed staples from an incision without fainting (or throwing up)!

P.S.S. Here's to my brother love. In 5 months, he will be married!

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