Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First day.

Today was my first day of Critical Care Clinical. A week of memorable firsts, and lasts. Yesterday was my last, first day of school. I miss it already. I adore the people that I am lucky enough to spend 5 days a week with, and intend on making the most of our last semester together!

Today was wonderful. Today was today. Today was life. It started at 5:30, with 5.5 hours of sleep under my belt. Turned into a mad dash to get ready, and speeding (whoops) all the way to clinical. Good news: I made it there with 15mins to spare!

Today was filled with cardioversion (the Doc actually let me push the charge button that delivered 200 joules of energy to the patient's heart!), stent placements, pacemaker implants, EEGs, reading strips and much fun in the Cardiac Cath Lab.

Today was filled with people, with caring. Most memorable moment: being able to hold a patient's hand as she violently fought against sedation, fearful of pain and the outcome of the procedure. Holding her gripping hands throughout the procedure and having the privilege of waking her up to goods news made me smile. Made me appreciate my profession, and more than that, the joy of the human connection.

Another memorable moment occurred at lunch... I was sitting by myself in the cafeteria, wolfing down my food in attempt to finish in time for the next surgery; when, low and behold, 3 people over the age of 80 came up and asked to join me for lunch. I was pleasantly surprised, and enjoyed their company. They were at the hospital visiting a friend, and our conversations went from butter, to Jesus, and landed on sex. It was rather entertaining, and remarkably productive; not to mention, personal. haha I'm still smiling about that one.

All this to say, today's last, first day of clinical, left me with a smile on my face, even after 12 hours of sore feet and hard work. I look forward to the many more first days this life will bring me. Lord, help me to know your love and experience it, as if each day was the first.

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