Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kenzie's Wedding

Hellooooo :) It's been a good month since I've shown my blog some love!

Before Christmas, I flew out to Virginia and helped out with my cousin's wedding. I had a blast with my family and appreciated the opportunity to get away and see something new -- something cold and something snowy! So fun.

I think that I have decided that sitting in an airport terminal, all by myself, creates quite possibly the best feeling ever! So exhilarating. Not to mention flying by myself... I loved it. EVERY minute of it. And I even enjoyed making friends with the old people sitting next to me. The man on my flight over to VA left me with this: "Goodbye Kelly. I probably won't ever see you again, but I will never forget your face." I wanted to kiss him on the cheek -- such a dear old man!

Moving on...
Many days were spent cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, prepping, doing school with the boys, polishing silver, hosting tea parties, whooping Lassiter butt in Trouble (Starwars edition), plotting pranks and navigating the streets of DC all by myself!

Kenz getting dressed :) She looked beautiful.

The 3 gremlins the day that I watched them... they all wanted to play on the ice and I nearly had a coronary. It may have been in the teens and twenties all week, but it wasn't nearly cold enough for that!

Grandpa boy love love.

Grammy (I think she was talking... oops)

Annie dearest!

Morning of the wedding :)

Their street

Auntie Margo and I... before we ran the $800.00 worth of wedding groceries through the self-checkout lane! ha!

National Museum of American History. Saw the Flag, Edison's lightbulb and some pretty cool first lady's dresses.

The day I learned that the National Mall was in fact a large patch of grass... not a shopper's paradise. yeah.... Mid-Twenties with 15 mile an hour windchill put it in the single digits!

Holocaust Museum. 4.5 hours of my life.

Their charming house BEFORE the snow :) It's was warm this day... 30's!

Reese boy.

Jessi turned the cat into a platypus with a sock. It takes mad skill.

Bobbisocks and Reese boy. Both are fun to snuggle with.

Did I mention that I love to fly by myself? Sitting in the window seat, looking out the window, thinking about everything and nothing. Chi town on my way home.

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  1. I think your story about the National mall is the greatest. :) Love you!