Monday, April 4, 2011

Accounts of His faithfulness.

Mmm hello :) I am currently sitting on the front porch, rocking, and enjoying the day. I ought to be studying for my test tomorrow... let's face it, the reality of impending graduation has made studying more difficult!

But I am sitting here, recalling God's faithfulness to me in the past year and a few instances came to mind. I decided to share :)

I woke up one morning, frantic, late for school (imagine that). While I was throwing things in my purse, I realized that I was down to my last piece of gum. I muttered a silly prayer and said "God, I know that it is just gum, but I can't afford another pack. Provide?" When I got home from class that day, I turned the lock to my little house in phx, only to find a pack of gum on my table with a note saying "Happy fall <3 Mrs. Mac" I smiled at God and then ran inside and squeezed her.

This March, I was down to the last page in my journal and prayed "God, it's almost full and I don't have extra money to spend. Provide?" Not a day later, I was in the car, driving with Briauna love, on our way to Casa Grande Mountain when she pulled out a gift bag. She smiled and said that she had picked something up for me, for my birthday. Flustered, I opened it while driving... Yeah, it was a new journal. I'm pretty sure I said "SHUT UP" and then smiled, assured that God hears even my faint pleads.

Last fall, I felt like God was asking me to stop spending money on green tea. Mind you, I am in college, I do not drink coffee to sustain myself through nursing school ;) and I was only buying green tea twice a week -- at the Coffee Shop (a grand total of $6.62 a week -- until they raised their prices to $6.66 a week... hmm just now picking up on that number). Really struggling with this, I decided to be faithful and agreed. One day, I found myself in Gilbert and had 4 hours to kill. Knowing that I was near the Coffee Shop, I drove into their parking lot. I spent twenty - check it, 20 mins parked. In their parking lot. Talking to God. Let's be honest, I was bargaining. My plea was "God, I don't have anywhere else to go. I really need to study. I don't want to loiter AND I want to study here." Still not at peace about buying myself a drink, after 20 mins, I felt like He told me to just go inside. Admitting defeat, I took my wallet and stood in line. With just one lady in front of me, I was shocked when the gal turned around and said "You know, I would like to buy your drink". I'm pretty sure I refrained from kissing her cheek, but I smiled and winked at God, thanking Him for His provision in my life.

Yesterday, I woke up late and decided not to wear makeup for clinical. Running out of the house with a cup of cereal in my hand, I confessed my insecurities to God and said "help me to know that my worth, my beauty is in Jesus -- not makeup". *Side note, I don't like makeup. **Other side note, I don't like acne. But when the latter appears, the former is trumped. Back to the story, feeling very much like I was having a bad face day yesterday, I walked into a patient's room yesterday afternoon to do an assessment. As I was leaning down close, listening to her lungs, the patient smiled at me and said "You are nothing short of beautiful -- even without makeup" I grabbed her hand and squeezed it, thanking her for her generous words and then thanked God, for His kindness towards me -- for removing even the smallest of insecurities in my life.

Oh my, it's 6:11, I need to wrap this up! Mmm, I'll leave you with a good one!

3 years ago, I worked as a Bag Girl for Safeway. I lasted a whole 8 weeks, but while I was there, I was keenly aware that God had a purpose for my presence at that store. It was for one employee in particular -- a guy who worked at the Starbucks counter. I felt God whisper to my soul "Kelly, I have you here for him." Utterly confused as to why, I began to pray. Even though my employment with Safeway was short lived, my prayer for this boy, for his salvation, lasted for a while.

In October, I drove from Phx to Gilbert one Thursday night, arriving at Sun Valley for prayer. Walking up to the building, I saw someone cleaning all of the windows -- undoubtedly serving. As I walked by him, I said hello; recognizing his face, but not able to place it, I went into the classroom. Not a few minutes later, I realized who it was, abruptly got up and ran back to the lobby. Hoping to find him, I soon realized that he was gone. In his place was an older gentleman, also washing windows. I walked up to him and inquired about the guy he had replaced. It was him! I smiled upon hearing his name and asked the man for this guy's story. He finished the conversation by saying that this guy had been searching for something in his life and ended up at Sun Valley one weekend -- it wasn't but a few weeks until he accepted the salvation that only Jesus offers and wanted to participate in serving the church! He decided to join the team that maintains the campus and found himself there, washing windows, on a Thursday night. I'm pretty sure I cried on the way home from prayer that night.

Recalling God's faithfulness in my life tends to have that effect on me. It's not because of my prayers -- my words have no power. It is all because of the goodness of God. It is all because of Jesus. It is all because of His new life in me. Great is God, and great is His faithfulness in my life.



  1. Love it :) I love these kinds of stories! He is ALWAYS faithful! Thanks for the encouragement today. See you so soon! AHHH I'm stoked!

  2. I just love hearing accounts like this. I think we need to remind ourselves of this over and over again. He, the creator of the universe, cares about the tiny details of our life.

    Also encouraging because Jesus has recently put two strangers on my heart that I just keep praying for.

  3. what a great account of the Lord's wonderfulness in your life :)