Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Psst. Let me tell you a little secret.

It doesn't get better than this.

This feeling inside of me that consumes, that fulfills. This feeling of joy, regardless of circumstances. This feeling of intimacy, greater than what my soul has ever desired but has lacked the words to vocalize.

How did I get here?


I tell you the truth tonight that He loves and He saves and He is the answer. He is always the solution.

9 days ago today, my life was on a very different course. I was bound set determined to go anywhere but here. Somehow, somewhere, someway, sometime -- I was going to get out of Arizona. I felt like the spiritual climate of this State resembled the arid landscape I'm surrounded with -- people were dry, their souls were barred and barren.

I craved a people group full of devote followers of Jesus. People who are passionate, sold out, zealous. I was convinced that they congregated somewhere... they had to; I refused to buy into the thought that I was just being idealistic.

A friend, last fall, had told me that these people do exist -- they were all chilling in Charlotte NC, at a place called Charlotte One. This same friend called me a few weeks ago screaming -- "They're coming to Arizona!!!!!!!!" My response: "whoa there little lady, who's coming to AZ?" "Charlotte One! They're coming to Phoenix. They're starting up in April and you have to come."

8 days ago I went. My skepticism abandoned me at the door -- it was obviously not needed. They were here. The people I had been praying over. A group of 200+ individuals with marked passion for Jesus, together -- in one room, gathered for the purpose of corporate adoration.

6 days ago I received a phone call. An invitation to participate.

4 days ago I had the privilege of spending time with a new group of people. Fun people, serious about this worship stuff. Tickled pink and too proud to want to eat my words, I climbed in the car that night -- after an evening of sharing your story and fro yo and too much fun stuffing new comer packets -- asking God "what are you up to?"

Tonight, I am writing this, nothing short of confused. These past 8 days I feel, genuinely feel like God has given me a basket and said "My daughter, the whole orchard is yours. Pick and eat all that your basket can hold."

I kid you not, my soul is satiated this day. STINKIN full. God's goodness towards me, towards my life, has been obvious. These precious people He has placed on my path have been uplifting, edifying and their zeal has been contagious.

Even now, I am just arriving home from sharing a meal with these people and vulnerable conversation. For those of you who know me, I'm sure you are gasping. The transparency these people use and the trust they have for each other is infectious. It breaks down all strongholds. The night ended with smiles and a time of prayer in the parking lot. Just average people. Average people made HOLY by the blood and death and life of Jesus.

This is it. This is faith. This is what life is about. It is all about loving God and loving others. It cannot get better than this.


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